The future is now and jewellery will not be left behind. We have now a plethora of new technologies that allow us to create beyond what is possible by nature. We can create complex-shaped building like Zaha Hadid or discover new ways to explore our solar system. Everything is due to creative people that aim to see beyond what everybody says is possible, people that aim for the impossible and make it possible. 

Like many crafts, jewellery has evolved with time. Contemporary jewels explore ornaments that are very different from what they used to be. But though the shapes have evolved, the design methods and production techniques have stayed very much the same, and so the final objects are limited in what they can be. With our current state of technology, there is a lot of potential for new ways of creating that is not being used at all.

We want to give a new breath to jewellery and make it truly contemporary. We think that tradition needs to continue but has to take from what is new in our world. We don’t want to deny our past, we want to embrace it and make it present and future.

Our mission at Maison Mausoleum is to create the new traditional jewellery with techniques from the future. Follow us on our mission to change jewellery and discover how we do it along the way!

Mathieu iffland