From History to story

Maison Mausoleum wants to take you in a journey to reconnect with the heritage of ancient thinkers, makers and creators. Collection after collection, we will explore the vast history of arts and crafts, to bring these back into jewelry.

Everybody has its own story. We are all made from the same materials but we are different, we are unique. Throughout our life journey, we fall, we receive blows, and by this process we polish ourselves and grow better. 

Maison Mausoleum’s jewels are the reflections  of ourselves. They are unpolished by design and made to be worn. During their journey with you, they will fall, they will receive blows and by this process they will polish themselves to become your own creation.

Through the combination of the theoretical knowledge and the techniques of model making with the art of silversmith, you will discover a new world where the beauty comes from the craftsmanship. We will take you inside this process and show you the history of their creation.

Each item lives its own life. Through your journey wearing it, they will evolve and become particular, their aspect will change. By wearing your jewelry proudly every day, you will tell a unique story. A story that nobody else can tell, your own story.